Personal Training

Activate Your Body.

I work with every athlete to set realistic goals and inspire each to reach them. This journey translates into a healthier body, increased energy and a more focused mind. With your new rhythm, you’ll be empowered to RunYourDays tackling each challenge one strong stride at a time.

Personal Training

  • In home
  • At the gym
  • At your office
  • Outdoor

Rates dependent on:

  • Location of workouts
  • Length of training session (minimum 45 minutes)
  • Number of training sessions per week

Virtual Coaching.

Personalized, do-it-yourself workouts sent weekly with access to videos and pictures and a written description of exercises prescribed.

Rates dependent on:

  • Number of workouts prescribed per week
  • Requested duration of workouts
  • Length of commitment

Group Training.

Partner Training (2 People):
Cost effective way to maintain accountability with your favorite training partner while maintaining individualized training.

Small Group Training (3-6 People):
Semi-private training sessions combine intense full-body strength, agility, and cardiovascular circuits with a team atmosphere where athletes feed off one another. Grab your buddies and enjoy a cost-effective way to reach new heights.

Rates dependent on:

  • Length of training session (minimum 45 minutes)
  • Location of workouts
  • Number of training sessions/workouts per week
  • Number of people training each session

Because each program is customized for you –Β based on your ability, goals and situation, all personal training rates vary. Feel free to inquire about a personal training program and I will provideΒ a quote for you in no time!

I firmly believe that fitness should be accessible to all. If you have financial restrictions, are a student or recent graduate, please reach out, so we can discuss options to ensure you are able to RunYourDays.