4-Month Individual Training

$160.00 / month for 4 months

Fully custom programs are thoughtfully designed based on your needs. No two runners are the same, meaning no two programs are the same. Your training plan is developed by combining an educational background in exercise science, coaching, and personal experience with your specific athletic make up, the demands of the running event, and the goals you are striving towards.

What you can expect from your coach at RunYourDays:

  • Initial phone consultation to get to know one another and take the first steps into diving into your training journey
  • Access to your own private running calendar via The Run S.M.A.R.T. Project to receive your workouts and provide interactive feedback between coach and athlete
  • Weekly updated workouts that match your fitness abilities which allow flexibility based on your life – work, family, and fun.
  • Communication via text, phone, and email
  • Video gait analysis to determine potential imbalances in running form
  • Specialized weekly running strength and core workouts aimed at keeping you running healthy and strong for a lifetime

Billing runs on a reoccurring cycle each month until the initial time frame has been fulfilled, and will then continue on a month by month service unless you choose a new program or cancel.


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