RunStrong is a runner-specific strength and mobility program aimed at improving running form and economy, preventing injury and building stronger, more agile runners. Why? Because Stronger Runners are Faster Runners. The program is 16 weeks in length helping you stay strong as you add miles throughout your training season.
From a running career filled with strength training as a cornerstone to each season’s success, a deep knowledge of anatomy with 4 years teaching experience and professional expertise as a personal trainer and strength coach, RunStrong was born. Based in science and combined with the realities of training, RunStrong builds faster runners by developing stronger runners. This intentional, progressive strength work will ensure your body remains balanced and agile as the miles tick by.
RunStrong Details
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Progressive strength programs include:
  • 8 or 16-weeks worth of progressive, strength training
  • 2 workouts per week, each approximately 45-minutes in length
  • Coaching check-in every 2-4 weeks to discuss progression
  • Access via email to coach for movement screening, videos of strength exercises, and confidence moving forward with strength training.
8-Week Strength Training
16-Week Strength Training