Training Options

Training all runners – from those looking to lace up their shoes and complete their first race to the seasoned marathoner looking to set a new personal record or qualify for the Boston – and every athlete in between.

Fully custom programs are thoughtfully designed based on your needs. No two runners are the same, meaning no two programs are the same. Your training plan is developed by combining an educational background in exercise science, coaching, and personal experience with your specific athletic make up, the demands of the running event, and the goals you are striving towards.

What you can expect from your coach at RunYourDays:

  • Initial phone consultation to get to know one another and take the first steps into diving into your training journey
  • Access to your own private running calendar via The Run S.M.A.R.T. Project to receive your workouts and provide interactive feedback between coach and athlete
  • Weekly updated workouts that match your fitness abilities which allow flexibility based on your life – work, family, and fun.
  • Communication via text, phone, and email
  • Video gait analysis to determine potential imbalances in running form
  • Specialized weekly running strength and core workouts aimed at keeping you running healthy and strong for a lifetime

Billing runs on a reoccurring cycle each month until the initial time frame has been fulfilled, and will then continue on a month by month service unless you choose a new program or cancel.

3-Month Plan
6-Month Plan
12-Month Plan

Whether you’re training for your first half marathon or trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, we have a plan for you. It’s about setting personal goals and having the right tools to achieve them.

What to expect from your RunYourDays Fall Group Training Program:

  • 3 Different levels of group training to choose from based on your ability
  • Access to your own private running calendar via The Run S.M.A.R.T. Project to receive your workouts and provide interactive feedback between coach and athlete
  • Weekly emails with relevant topics, athlete highlights, and articles to help you develop as a runner from Coaches Kiersten and Ellen
  • Strength training –  a crucial element to any training plan – will be provided to complement your running program to get you to the start line strong and healthy.
  • Unlimited email access to Coaches Kiersten and Ellen
  • Team & Coach Q&A video conference calls once per month to answer questions and connect with your fellow runners.
  • Access to a private Facebook group community providing the chance to connect with fellow runners

Training Plan Levels

  • BeginnerThis is your first time running this distance, or it has been a while since you’ve consistently run, and you can’t wait for the journey. Currently have the ability to run for 25-30 continuous minutes.
  • Not Your First RodeoYou’ve run this distance before and would like to improve your time, the way you feel, and are looking to unlock the next level to achieve your race goals. You have some experience with longer runs and/or specialized workouts (speed sessions or tempo runs). Currently have the ability to run for 45+ continuous minutes, and run 3-5 days per week.
  • To Qualify and BeyondYou are a more seasoned racer and are looking for the edge that will help you achieve a Boston Marathon, NYC, Olympic or other Qualifying standard. Currently have the ability to run for 60+ continuous minutes, have experience with specialized workouts and run 4-7 days per week.

Marathon training groups are targeted at the 2018 Chicago Marathon and Twin Cities Marathon both on Sunday, October 7th. Half Marathon training groups are targeted at the Chicago Half Marathon and the Twin Cities 10-Miler.

All training programs begin on Monday, June 24th.

Accommodations can be made for those training for other fall races. Contact us here regarding further questions!

16-Week Training Plan

After a few unsuccessful years of attempting to qualify for Boston followed by two hamstring injuries over the course of about a year and a half, I was thrilled to see that Kiersten was starting RYD. Kiersten has been instrumental in helping me come back stronger and faster. In the past 13 months, I’ve qualified for Boston twice and taken a total of 12 minutes off of my previous personal best. I’m the strongest and fastest I’ve ever been and cannot wait to see where this next year takes us.

Sarah D. original RYD athlete

She [Coach Kiersten] is really lovely. Had a lot of advice and encouragement. Really pushed you to look within and beyond, rather than just being technical about running.
Coach Kiersten was great. Her positivity and enthusiasm was infectious. Her caring for everyone in the program and helping them achieve their individual goals was clear from day one through the celebration party. And, as mentioned before, the daily training program was the best I have been through.
– Boston365 Team member

Coach Kiersten played a pivotal role in getting me to where I am right now. I followed her training program religiously and watched my times progressively improve throughout the season. Coach Kiersten was very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. She impressively led a group of people who are striving to get a BQ to those who have ran the Boston Marathon countless number of times.

– Boston365 Team Member

Coach Kiersten is a strong leader and very approachable. Her vast knowledge on the human body and how to push it efficiently and effectively made this program great for my speed but also my confidence. A+

– Boston365 Team Member

I felt supported from start to finish. This was the most prepared I have ever felt for a marathon. I felt prepared because of the speed work, the hill runs in Barrington and the fact that I was stronger and faster than I was when I started in January. My Marathon Pace went from 8:00 to 7:30. Kiersten taught me how to plan for a race, which was something I had not done prior. Because of my plan, which had to be adjusted because of the extreme weather, I ran Boston with a PR. She taught me how to run smart and execute a marathon mentally that my body was fully prepared for. I cannot say enough good things about this program. I can’t wait to be a part of such a strong group of athletes again, next season.

– Boston365 Team Member

The training program was phenomenal. I loved all the speed work and felt extremely prepared going into the race. Most importantly, the support that Coach Kiersten and the others provided was such an encouragement and lift during some long, cold training. They made the training fun and effective! So grateful for their commitment to this group.

– Boston365 Team Member